Rare first edition, signed copy of "The Hunger Games" book on sale

A rare first edition copy of The Hunger Games is on sale at the Friends of the C.H. Booth Library annual book sale this month in Newtown, CT for $2,500.

The said copy contains not only author Suzanne Collins‘s autograph, but also the inscription ‘May the Odds Be EVER in your favor’ in her own writing.

From NewsTimes.com:

“Everything that comes in for the sale is dropped off in boxes,” said Toni Earnshaw, a library Board of Trustees member. “Our sorters are trained to look for first editions, and one of our sorters spotted this one.”

Earnshaw said finding the “Hunger Games” first edition was exciting enough, but what happened next was icing on the cake.

The exact facts are being kept a mystery, but somehow, someone contacted Collins, who not only signed the book — she added the inscription, “May the odds be EVER in your favor. Love Suzanne Collins.”

“It’s such an interesting experience working on the sale,” said Denise Kaiser, book sale manager, “but we don’t that often have contemporary books of extraordinary value.”


The 37th Annual Booth Book Sale runs through July 14th to July 18th.

Find out more, including the schedule of the sale, at the official website here.



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