Willow Shields talks Prim Everdeen, ‘The Hunger Games’ books and more

Willow Shields as Prim Everdeen

In an interview with MStarsNews, Willow Shields talks her portrayal of Prim Everdeen, saying goodbye to the franchise, interacting with fans and lots more.

MStars News: After playing the same role for four movies, what was it that held your interest about Prim?

Willow Shields: I think she is a really well developed character in the series. As an actor, it was really cool to play her because in each movie, she changed slightly. But enough for you to work really hard to figure out how to portray it. So I had a lot of fun with that! It was really challenging, but I also had the books as material to work with, as well as the script. It was definitely very helpful, but I think she is just a really interesting progressive character, who is kind and caring, but also kind of strong and fearless in the end.

MS: How much of the books did you use as research? Or did you stay away from the source material as the movies continued?

WS: Oh no, I mean I definitely read the books over and over again to get my research. Because as an actor, it is more than you could ever ask for; to have that material already written and a series of three books already written. I breezed through them and read them again and again and sort of underlined all the things I felt were important for me to think about for Prim, things like that. And you have the script as well, but to have the backstory from the book is really important. And then, you can just build on that on your own.

MS: With the Blu-ray now in stores, does it feel bittersweet to say goodbye to the character again?

WS: You know, I don’t think its really ending yet still. I think for me, it still hasn’t hit me that its over. I feel like the fans are still so supportive and hugely excited about our series, still that I almost think that it will never be over in a sense; since fans will watch it forever. In 15 years, there will be people watching these movies. I think that it is just another step, and part of the journey that is still continuing.

MS: With the Blu-ray in stores, do you have a favorite scene, from Mockingjay or from the whole series that stuck with you?

WS: In Catching Fire, I really loved visually, in the final scenes of the film, where Katniss shoots the bow and arrow into the dome of the arena. It’s just visually stylistic! Francis Lawrence, our director, did an incredible job with that take. Jen looked beautiful while still being an incredible character and doing something epic in the film! So that was kind of my favorites! I really liked filming The Reaping scene, as well as the scene in Mockingjay Part I, when I am in the bunk bed with Jen talking. I thought that one was really fun too!

Read the full interview here.

Mockingjay: Part 2 is now available on DVD/Blu-Ray and Digital HD.

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