The Arena

The Arena

The Arena is a large, enclosed area where the Hunger Games annually take place. The Arena is designed by the Gamemakers who design out the settings of the Games, the atmosphere and create a mini-world inside which the tributes battle out for life.

The Gamemakers also plant traps, sets, escape routes and more to heighten the interest of the audience.

The Arena change every year so the settings cannot be figured out by anyone.

The 50th Hunger Games Arena was designed as a beautiful meadow full of picturesque trees, flowers, and more – but everything was lethal right from poison squirting flowers to the venomous water.

The 70th Hunger Games Arena was calm on the surface but right during the Games a dam was broken inside the Arena which wiped out most of the tributes suddenly.

The 74th Hunger Games Arena was in the form of a expanse of trees and a central lake. There was heavy vegetation and therfore many nooks and crannies wherefrom unexpected surprises came up.

The 75th Hunger Games Arena was in the form of a huge clock with each part going off at a certain time of the day. It had a central lake near the Cornucopia.