Elizabeth Banks talks Effie's "Marie Antoinette" look, new "What to Expect…" poster

In a detailed new interview with Box Office Prophets, Elizabeth Banks discusses the “Marie Antoinette” look Effie Trinket is carrying in The Hunger Games, bleaching her eyebrows and her latest movie Man On A Ledge.

But you had to shave your eyebrows for the role?

EB: I didn’t shave them, I bleached them. It’s almost worse than shaving them (laughs). If I shaved them, I could paint something on probably. But when you bleach them, you just have bright-white eyebrows. They are literally (holds up an egg white coffee cup to her eye) this color on your face. It’s really freaking, because you look like you are an albino, but only right there.

How long did you have to keep that for?

EB: I kept them for three months. You can color them in, but it doesn’t really work.

Did you help shape the look?

EB: It was a true collaboration. … I have super white skin. It’s very Marie Antoinette meets kabuki (laughs). …. The reference from the director was Joel Grey in Cabaret; that cracked white, overly made up face. So we kind of started there, that was the first picture that we looked at. Then we went to the hair, “Is it curly or is it up?” Then the whole Marie Antoinette hair thing came into it. We wanted decadence, madness, she’s a very theatrical character. That was my mantra word, “She’s theatrical!” And futuristic, but recognizable. We didn’t make The Fifth Element.

Posters for Lionsgate’s multi-starrer What To Expect When You’re Expecting have just debuted on the net, and we have our first look at Elizabeth Banks as well. Check it out in the gallery here.

Elizabeth looks adorable as always!

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