Could The Hunger Games beat the bias against YA adaptations for Oscars?

We’ve all seen and lamented how even the last Harry Potter was snubbed by the Academy Awards in the recent nominations which led many angry fans to voice hostile opinions about the Awards.

We wonder too, what makes good cinema? Can only movies like Slumdog Millionaire with social messages be called “cinema” worthy of the Oscars? Exceptions are there – but they are extremely phenomenal movies in either the CGI department or the Box Office, like The Lord of the Rings and Titanic. Hey – no panning though, we love these two!

What happened to entertainment? Why are the chances of Bridesmaids winning the Oscar slimmer than, say, The Artist? Heck – Bridesmaids didn’t even make it to the Best Picture category.

The Hunger Games, apart from being a Young Adult Novel Adaptation, is a story about social and political rebellion. MTV’s Hollywood Crush discusses why The Hunger Games must be given a chance – provided the movies are as successful as we’re hoping for them to be:

Which leaves us with “The Hunger Games,” the latest YA sensation, which blazes into theaters in less than two months. And while it’s hard to predict the awards-season viability of a movie we haven’t even seen yet, there are at least a few indicators to suggest it could be the first YA novel adaptation to win (or at the very least be nominated for) Best Picture. For one, Oscar’s already made acquaintance with many members of the cast and crew. Our friends at NextMovie crunched the numbers, discovering that the actors and technical experts behind “The Hunger Games” boast 30 Oscar nominations — even Effie Trinket couldn’t turn her nose up at that. And while a film like “Twilight” (which, let’s be honest, won’t be sharing a feather-strewn canopy bed with the Academy anytime soon) focuses on a fantastical, star-crossed-lovers plotline, “The Hunger Games” deals more seriously with issues of life, death and government control, likely giving it more credence with voters.

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