‘The Hunger Games’ Exhibition is heading to Las Vegas

Mockingjay Red Katniss Poster-Featured

The latest destination of The Hunger Games Exhibition is MGM Grand in Las Vegas. The exhibition will open May 1.

“We are excited to be able to bring the stories of Katniss, The Capitol and District 13 to life in Las Vegas for fans through immersive sets, costumes and interactive experiences,” says Jenefer Brown, Lionsgate senior vp global live and location based entertainment. “The Hunger Games: The Exhibition features many new interactive elements that we know fans have been asking for. One of which is Beetee’s Training Lab, an all-new digital archery experience allowing fans to train like Katniss.”

According to THR, the presentation will also include the red-and-black Mockingjay armors, Tigris and Peeta’s costumes as well as the Girl on Fire dress, the Mockingjay gown, Katniss’ Mockingjay armor and pin, the Peacekeeper armor and rebellion tactical gear and Katniss’ bow and arrows.

THR details more of what is expected at this stop of the exhibition.

You can buy tickets at TheHungerGamesExhibition.com.

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