Suzanne Collins's literary agent talks The Hunger Games, YA blockbusters and more

At Pop Culture Publishing: Young Adult Megahits, a panel sponsored by NYU Center for Publishing focusing on young adult blockbusters, Suzanne Collins’s literary agent Rosemary Stimola talked about The Hunger Games trilogy, among other things.

Excerpts related to The Hunger Games and Suzanne Collins from the panel can be read below:

For Stimola, who represents Suzanne Collins, her discovery of The Hunger Games was less serendipitous: Collins was already one of her clients. Stimola admitted that, if any other author had approached her with an idea for a book in which a group of children in a dystopian society battle to the death, she “might have hesitated.” But having worked with Collins on her middle-grade series, The Underland Chronicles, Stimola already knew of the “wealth of info” that Collins typically brings to a project, along with her ability to create complex worlds and characters that function beyond dichotomies of black and white or good and evil. Among the earliest concerns that she and Collins discussed was how to keep Katniss sympathetic in spite of “the harshness and deprivation she has endured.” Stimola also revealed that The Hunger Games was sold to Scholastic based on a “four-page proposal” from Collins.

Naturally, an author’s life changes dramatically when a book catapults into success. Suzanne Collins has remained largely out of the spotlight by choice, though she has provided steady input for the Hunger Games films and worked directly with Gary Ross on the scripts, says Stimola. She has also remained carefully guarded of her writing process, and insisted that she complete Mockingjay before any film developments began so the book would not be colored by outside influences.


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