YA authors share how ‘The Hunger Games’ inspired them


Today, August 10, is the 53rd birthday of author Suzanne Collins. To mark the occasion, MTV asked 9 YA authors to share how The Hunger Games has inspired them and their writing.

  • Rae CarsonThe Girl of Fire and Thorns

    “Although it was written for teens, ’The Hunger Games’ is fearless in its portrayal of the consequences of war. It inspired me to honor the sacrifices of friends and family who are war veterans by unflinchingly exploring the effects of violence in my own writing.”
  • Lauren OliverDelirium

    “This may sound morbid, but Suzanne Collins really amazed me by her unsentimental commitment to killing off beloved characters with impunity. I’ve tried to do the same ever since!”

  • Michelle KrysHexed

    “Katniss inspired me to write strong female characters who don’t succumb to stereotype. She isn’t a stony, unfeeling, action figure. She’s tough, but she’s also vulnerable and confused, compassionate and humble. She proves that complicated women who experience a vast spectrum of emotions can be leaders of a revolution too.”

Read the full list here.

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