Work at HGN!

We’re a collaboration of fans of The Hunger Games, and are always looking for dedicated people to join our team.

Available opportunities:


Job Description: When possible, attend premieres, conventions, screenings, signings HGN is invited to in US and UK. For local coverage in other locations, as and when opportunity arise.

Requirements: Social etiquette, good knowledge of The Hunger Games, interest in pop-culture. Preferable residence in or near LA, Chicago, Nashville, NYC (for US) and London (for UK).

We welcome temporary correspondents for local coverage.

News Poster

Job Description: Each day, thousands of fans visit HGN for the latest Hunger Games update and we constantly need to update news. Obviously we can’t always be available. If you’d like to help, please drop a line.

We encourage international applicants.

Requirements: Basic knowledge of WordPress and a good grasp on American English is mandatory.


Job Description: We like to read, all of us. No matter if there are people who are into the HG Fandom only because of Jennifer Lawrence, it’s great to have some behind-the-scenes on the books and more. If you’re passionate about the books, have an opinion or two, and could be a residential essayist/theorist for us, this is your place.
You’ll be required to submit an essay / editorial once a month. Exceptions can be there.

Requirement: An excellent grammatical knowledge, and a good understanding of what The Hunger Games really aim at. (Yes, it really is more than Team Peeta and Team Gale)

Before you apply, please make sure that you have spare time in your hands. Do not apply if you won’t be serious and dedicated towards the website.

Send in your full name, country, the job you are applying for, and your experience with it to