About Us

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tanvi-berwahTanvi Berwah
Position: Administrator
Location: New Delhi
Contact: Email,  Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram

asw6mmkxz1nff2iwd8cc Emily (Emi)
Position: News Poster
Location: USA
Contact: Email, Twitter, Tumblr
Other Websites: DaemonAndKitten.com

Monique Messman
Position: News Poster, Pinterest Manager
Location: Texas
Contact: Email, Twitter

Bailey Riddle
Position: West Coast Correspondent, Instagram Manager
Location: California
Contact: Email, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest
Other Websites: ShadowKissed.net, HogwartsRadio.com, DivergentGuide.com, RiddlesReviews.com

faith Faith D’Isa
Position: East Coast Correspondent
Location: NJ/NY
Contact: Email, Twitter

devinstorment Devin Storment
Position: Facebook Manager
Location: NY
Contact: Email, Twitter
Other Websites: Mugglenet.com

 Anthony Fertino
Position: Essayist
Location: California
Contact: Email, Twitter
Other Websites: Hitchcockwiki.com