Gale Hawthorne


Gale Hawthorne is one of the protaganists in The Hunger Games trilogy.

A bold personality, Gale Hawthorne enjoys a laugh but also tends to get angry very quickly. His earlier life is shrouded in clouds and all we know is that he was Kantiss’s hunting partner ever since he randomly met her up in the woods, which is their personal space.

Gale’s family includes his mother, Hazelle, and three siblings, Rory, Vick and Posy. His father died in the same mine accident as Katniss’s. He looks after his family and, unlike the Mellarks, they are a close knit bunch. Gale is a true survivalist. Even without modern hunting or survival gear, Gale is able to provide and care for his family.

Gale is physically very attractive and very frequently in the books, his good looks are mentioned. Gale is very confident of himself and always knows his mind.

When Katniss goes away for the Games, Gale looks after her mother and sister as well.

As it turns out on the Victors’ return, Gale is in love with Katniss. He tries to detest Peeta, but finds it hard for his loyal behavior towards Katniss is unquestionably true.

In Catching Fire, he is caught during one of his poaching sessions and is whipped publically almost to death. Katniss rushes to his aid and once again, interferes in a Capitol procedure.

Gale is an idealist and he believes that the world can be perfected by weapons and does not object to the killings that he must commit in the way along with the Rebellion.

Gale saves Prim and Mrs. Everdeen along with about 800 other District 12 citizens when the Capitol bombs District 12

He is in the backdrop of the story in The Hunger Games and Catching Fire and develops truly in Mockingjay when he and Katniss join in the Rebellion. Quite the rebel, he is in the fore front of many issues, a perfect soldier training for the full frontal assault on the Capitol.

Gale’s role is mainly to egg on Katniss to be a part of the rebellion and provide a support so strong she does not waver from her decisions once made. He gives her a brutal account of the atrocities the Capitol has committed and helps her throughout her ordeals being the best friend, but also continuing his own romantic feelings towards her.

Gale’s part of the story comes a close when Katniss loses Prim in one of the unnecessary explosions – by a firebomb created by Gale – caused by the Rebel forces, and Katniss realises that she will never be able to separate Prim’s death and Gale’s memories attached to it.

What Gale goes through after that is not certain, but thereafter, he simply fades away from Katniss’s life.

Gale, as Katniss finds out, goes to District Two, having gotten some fancy job there. He’s seen now and again on the television.