The Capitol

The Capitol

The central controlling point of the world of Panem is the most powerful city of The Capitol. Settled somewhere in the north-west of the current American landmass, it is believed to be near the Rockies.

The single-party dictatorship of the President is run from here, and therefore it is the focal point of power in Panem.

Capitol is the only city mentioned among the major cities of the nation. It is from where the governance and ordinances are carried out.

The rich and powerful reside here wrapped up in complete comfort with no reflection of the desolate life of outer Districts. However, Capitol thrives in life only because of exports from the Districts as on its own, survival is impossible. There are no resources, mentioned at least, within the geographical location of the city.

The lifestyle of the people in Capitol is strikingly different, as well. Fasion and style, food and parties play a major role in the day-to-day life of the public. Exuberant fashion senses prevail even on the roads and the bigger arenas. Prevalent examples are Katniss’s designer Cinna and his team.

The people of Capitol treat The Hunger Games as a source of high entertainment and anticipate it with much enthusiasm, irrespective of the fact that actual humans are killed off in the name of entertainment.

The life of Capitol is immersed in a superficiality with no identifying sense with the rest of Panem.