The Hunger Games are set in a post-apocalyptic world.

Panem, derived from the phrase panem et circenses meaning “bread and circuses” in roman is the name of the nation that rose out of the ashes on the land of what was known as North America.

The inspiration behind the world is Ancient Rome.
• All of the names of people from the capital are Roman – Caesar, Plutarch, Cinna
• The Tributes ride in on chariots.
• The Hunger Games are a gladiator style games

The given background history of Panem dates back approximately 75 years ago, when the first Hunger Games were held. The landmass itself is shrouded in mystery, for the water in the oceans grew causing physical changes in the world as we know today.

It is assumed that modern civilization crumbled and amidst the war and destruction, the nation of Panem arose to power from the ashes of North America.

The Central Government runs from the main city of Capitol which sits somewhere around the Rocky Mountains.

It is a single-party dictatorship run by a President. Any other political intervention was never talked about except over-throwing the government.

Also, except Panem, no other nations, civilizations were ever mentioned as if none exist, which is entirely possible since this is a post-apocalypse world.

Originally, Panem was divided into Thirteen Districts, with each district specializing in some form of trade.

The level of life and standards progressively decrease as they get farther away from the main Capitol region, thus District 1 is deemed to be the richest.

The location of each of the districts has not been specified exactly, but they are believed to be numerically ordered from 1-13, west to east, with some west and some east of the Capitol.

Suzanne provided a few geographic details about some of the districts.
• Districts 1 and 2 – “Rockies”
• Districts 12 and 13 – She wouldn’t really answer, other than that she already gave us clues with the “Appalachian accent.” You can walk to District 13 in a week from District 12.
• District 11 (Rue and Thresh) – “Deep South”
• District 4 (Finnick, Annie and Mags) – “Pacific”
• District 10 – “West”