Book Three

Mockingjay Published in 2010, Mockingjay is the last of The Hunger Games trilogy, bringing to a close an epic adventure set in a post-apocalyptic world.

After having defied the Capitol, Katniss Everdeen finds herself as the symbol of the rebellion against the government.

There is an all-out defiance in districts and the Capitol is resisting this with all their might as Everdeen, her family, her friend Gale and survivors have taken refuge in District 13, so far believed to be destroyed.

Katniss is reluctant to be the Mockingjay, but figures out this is her only way to strike a deal to save Peeta, the other tributes and guarantee safety for her family.

The book plunges into hard war techniques, and a full fledged assault on the Capitol. However, it is not all as was presumed. The real villains’ faces change and the plot thickens with unimaginable changes in the story.

The book moves towards an unprecendented rioting scene after Katniss Everdeen realises that the real assault should not be against President Snow but the Head of District 13, President Coin.

While she loses out on a precious family member, the epilogue moves into a desolation out of which only Peeta Mellark can bring her back.

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