Editorials & Essays


The Capitol and the Readers

An essay which questions just how closely the readers and viewers of “The Hunger Games” sit with the Capitol, and a reminder that we must stop ourselves growing any closer.

Hunger Games Politics

The approaching election provokes some thoughts on THG politics.

The Hunger Games and Fashion

A short meditation on the emphasis of Fashion in THG.

The Hunger Games and Traditions

A brief essay on order and control in society, with relation to THG.


Hollywood won’t slow down for our series. The visual demands of Mockingjay, and who can meet them.

Another Lawrence

Another article on Francis Lawrence directing ‘Catching Fire’.

The Hunger Games – In Review

Full review of The Hunger Games film, by Anthony Fertino. Be sure to have lots of free time.

The Hunger Games and Romance

My analysis of Romance in relation to THG due to general audiences’ feedback.

30 Reasons ‘The Hunger Games’ is NOT ‘Twilight’

Because they’re just trying to stoke competition, now.

The Tone of the Hunger Games

Taylor Swift, James Howard, and the significance of glossy filmmaking.

On Catching Fire…

Considering the sequel’s place in the series, book and film.

The Violence of the Hunger Games

On the significance of violence in the series.

Wrapping and Adapting ‘The Hunger Games’ Film

Considering the crew, rather than the cast.

A Tease and a Salesman

The teaser trailer, and the Hunger Games film’s achilles heel.

Composing ‘The Hunger Games’

On Danny Elfman possibly composing the upcoming ‘Hunger Games’ film.

Katniss’d and Famished: Beefing Up Romance in The Hunger Games Movie Leaves Us Starved
Trying to scale the romance in order to make bucks is a bad idea for the franchise.

The Twilight Connection: Decayed By Love
Mrs. Everdeen shares traits with the most famous human of Forks.

The Face of Hunger Games: Jennifer Lawrence
A journey from Katniss Everdeen to her representation in Jennifer Lawrence.

President Snow Was After All Only Human
A look at President Snow and his reign in Panem – much preferable than Coin’s.

Mockingjay: An Analysis
An immediate write-up on why Mockingjay’s ending was perfect – and true.