Watch: Josh Hutcherson’s music video directorial debut ‘High & Low’

The Hunger Games actor Josh Hutcherson has made his directorial debut with a music video for ‘High & Low’ – a new single by West Coast Massive and Brayton Bowman.

Talking to Variety, Josh says:

“As an actor you’re limited to only what you can do with your face and body…but as a director you can explore that creativity more. Being able to control all of the elements and what not as a director, it was much more satisfying and felt very much like real creative expression.”

He also told E!Online about how he became involved with the project.

“They sent over their new EP. And when I heard ‘High & Low,’ I thought it had a lot of potential to become a hit song, as well as a great music video. The lyrics combined with the melodies felt very cinematic to me, so I wrote out a treatment idea for the video. About three weeks later, we were on the ground making it.”

Watch the video below:


Josh is currently working on a script for a movie based on his short film, Ape.

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