The Guardian study names post-millennial generation after Katniss Everdeen


In a recent investigative study undertaken by The Guardian, writer Noreena Hertz is calling the generation of post-millennials, otherwise referred to as Generation Z, ‘Generation K’ after Katniss Everdeen – for all the wrong reasons. Namely that they “feel the world they inhabit is one of perpetual struggle – dystopian, unequal and harsh.”

Growing with anxiety and pessimism, the post-millennial generation grapples with an existential threat in a world marred with school shootings, terrorist attacks and an unflinchingly rising violence.

The study also notes that “Generation K is coming of age in the shadow of economic decline, job insecurity, increasing inequality and a lack of financial optimism.”

Further, this generation does not believe that life is a meritocracy. In fact, not one teenager surveyed agrees with the statement that “society is fair and everyone has an equal chance”. Instead, they believe that it’s the colour of their skin, their sex, their parents’ economic status and their social standing that will determine their future. Depressingly, the data bears this out.

Read the full article here.

What do you think of ‘Generation K’?

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