Liam Hemsworth featured in #legend; talks ‘The Hunger Games,’ Hollywood & more


Hong Kong-based #legend, an innovative multimedia platform, is launching with a 320-page issue featuring Liam Hemsworth, interviewed by eldest brother Luke.

Check out excerpts from the interview below:

Luke: The Hunger Games has been a big part of your existence here in Hollywood, how have things changed since then? What has been hardest to adjust to?

Liam: Initially the hardest part to adjust to is just the way people approach you now and react to you. You lose a lot of your anonymity. And I think that’s obviously something, if you are going to be successful in this business, that you are going to have to deal with one day.

This was, I think, a little more extreme because The Hunger Games already had a huge fan base. So, as soon as the movies came out, even before people saw the films, they already started knowing my name or knowing my face, so you can’t really prepare for that.

Luke: Do you think it is harder to lead a normal life?

Liam: It is just a different normal now. I still consider my life normal – it is normal to me. I guess, to some people weird shit happens in my life that would be considered not normal. But so many great things have happened since The Hunger Games and it has allowed me to be a lot more financially secure and help out people that I care about. And it has also opened up a lot of doors for this business. I am known more within Hollywood and I am able to have access to meet directors and actors that I would like to meet

The brothers discuss their family, the bond between the Hemsworths, Liam’s future projects and more. Read full interview here.

The #legend launch issue is rich with exclusive interviews, discussions with contemporary artists showing at Art Basel in Hong Kong, a 30-plus page catwalk fashion feature, and two legendary fashion shoots, including a striking eveningwear and accessories shoot on location in Mumbai.


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