Top 15 moments from ‘Mockingjay: Part 2’

As New Year’s Eve dawns (and Happy New Year to everyone in New Zealand/Australia!), we look back at Mockingjay: Part 2 and pick up our 15 best scenes from the movie. It was incredibly hard to narrow down the list, but here’s, in our opinion, the essence of the final The Hunger Games movie.

15. Katniss and Peeta watching the rain, after

14. Leeg 1 and 2, the unsung heroes caught in the crossfires

13. Katniss and Gale against the Peacekeepers

12. Katniss and Prim at Finnick’s wedding

11. Finnick helping Peeta

10. “Real or not real?” “Real.”

09. President Snow’s final revelation

08. Boggs’ trust in Katniss

07. Hayffie!

06. Katniss’s arrow finds its true mark

05. Finnick fighting the Mutts

04. Katniss receives the District 12 Salute

03. Finnick and Annie at their wedding

02. One final walk down the Tribute Parade thoroughfare

01. Katniss singing Deep in the Meadow lullaby to her child

What was your favorite moment from ‘Mockingjay: Part 2’?

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One thought on “Top 15 moments from ‘Mockingjay: Part 2’

  1. *sigh* Well, if it weren’t for Hayffie, this would be a ridiculously difficult choice…but since that’s my OTP in which I’ve staunchly believed from the start…that’s gotta be my pick. x’)


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