Jennifer Lawrence on ‘Hunger Games’ prequel: “Too soon”

Jen Lawrence Joy premiere

We’ve heard quite some statements from Lionsgate big-wigs on The Hunger Games prequels/sequels/spin-offs/what have you.

Now, Jennifer Lawrence addressed the question at the premiere of her latest movie, Joy.

“I wouldn’t be involved. I think it’s too soon. They’ve got to let the body get cold, in my opinion.”

Too soon is about right, Jen!


3 thoughts on “Jennifer Lawrence on ‘Hunger Games’ prequel: “Too soon”

  1. I’d say she’s got a point! Thought we’d be talking about this next year, not while Part 2 is still in theaters, haha. I suppose it’s never too early to start mulling over ideas (honestly, who hasn’t been thinking about what else they’d like to see?), but let’s not rush anything into production!! Take it easy; let things unfold as they’re meant to; give it the time it needs to come together correctly. I think there’d be a way to do prequels that’s objective, respectful, and in tune with Collins’ messages, rather than exploitative.

    As far as those go (history of the country, pasts of other characters, previous Games, etc.)…you’d probably be looking at scouting for actors to play the characters’ younger selves. With sequels (which imo could be an even more intriguing prospect, especially because they can always look backward in time and reveal historical/backstory information as well), you gaze into the future, and very likely bring back the cast whose characters survive. How far into the future do you go? How much will you have to age them up? Well, that’s the kind of thing that remains to be figured out.

    “Spin-off” is a little bit more vague of a suggestion; you’re either setting the next piece in the past or the future, OR you’re focusing on somebody else during the same time period we just witnessed (between the 74th HG and the end of the war.) So you have to figure out where you’re starting. Personally, I think it’d be wise to do something that includes at least a few of the people we know and are invested in first–before trying to expand into any kind of riskier territory.

    It’s more than understandable that the main trio of young actors (Jen, Josh, Liam) have other things lined up for them and don’t want to just continue being Katniss, Peeta, & Gale forever. They need to be allowed to do some work outside of this franchise.


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