Natalie Dormer covers Women’s Health; talks ‘Mockingjay: Part 2’ and ‘Game of Thrones’

Actress Natalie Dormer, who stunned yesterday at the Mockingjay: Part 2 World Premiere in Berlin, appears on the cover of both Women’s Health and its UK counterpart, Women’s Health UK.

Check out photos from the story below.

We have some behind-the-scenes quotes from Natalie from the US feature for December, so read on!


I’m quite easy. As long as there is hummus and coconut water in the refrigerator, I’m a happy girl. Even my vices are going to be good for me. I like my red wine—that is good for you, for your heart and so-forth. I love my dark chocolate—so that’s antioxidants. I’m a coffee girl as well. I like my caffeine. It stimulates you, gets you ready for your run.



That’s a great question. What does Nat do on a day off? Nat would have a lie-in. Nat likes to probably go for a run or do a yoga class. Have a really nice, leisurely lunch, see friends, watch a movie, read. All those things that keep us human and sane.



Well, I can answer the question perfectly about blonde or brunette having more fun because I just played twins who have two different hair colors. In The Forest I played Sarah, who has blonde hair, and Jess, who has brunette hair. I go back and forth every year between my real hair color and Margaery, but it was fun to actually play one project as two different girls with different hair colors. And what can I say? They have fun, both of them, but in different ways.



Well this is the grand finale of the saga of the Hunger Games. This is the forth movie, the massive climax to the series… It operates at a very high spectacle level. It was so fun for all of us as a large eclectic cast to really finish the story. And I’m really grateful to have been a part of the family. It’s going to be epic and I don’t use that word lightly.

We saw a little bit in Mocking Jay Part I, a little bit of the “real world” out of the arena. In Mocking Jay Part II, you see a whole lot more. You see the Capital. It’s effectively—it’s a war movie. I’m part of Star Squad that goes into the capital in the final push to overthrow Snow. We filmed at some amazing sets, exteriors in Berlin and Paris. I’m really excited to see this movie on a large screen—the spectacle of it—because even though there is CGI and really impressive effects, a lot we did [ourselves] as well. A lot is real practical stuff. So it’s really great. I’m really excited.



What does Natalie Dormer do to survive the arena? I run a lot—I would as far into the corner as possible [Laughs]. Just keep running from one terrible situation to another and hoping that I leg it in time. I don’t know. I’d die basically if I was in the arena. I think the cannon would go.

…Oh god, what would I need to have with me? Brienne of Tarth. Can I cross-pollinate? If I could take Gwendoline Christie [from Game of Thrones] into the arena with me, I will probably be fine.



Margaery is a savvy chick and she’s trying to find an angle—she’s trying to find a way to get out of that cell so it’s pretty amusing and ingenious the route she decides to take.

Margaery has been with me now for five years and she’s—it’s great, she’s a part of my psyche. It’s great when you’ve been part of a phenomenal show like that that keeps pushing the boundaries with its scripts and keeps you on your toes, has a familiarity to it as well, so it’s easy to go back into the skin. It’s the perfect balance really. The creators of the show, David and Dan, try really hard to take it from a different angle, explore different ideas every season. There is never any complacency. Everyone is still working as hard as they did in the first season. It’s a beauty to go back to Game of Thrones. It’s like going back to camp, it’s like going back to school. It’s all family, it’s familiar. It’s like stepping back into an old skin really.



I just love acting so much because it’s basically an analysis, an exploration of ordinary live. So for every story, every walk of life that you could go and look through, there will be a script out there for it hopefully eventually. I like to challenge myself, and shake it up a bit. That’s why I’ve gone from dystopian future to corsets, and I’m excited about doing a horror and having tried a different genre. I’ll just continue to shake it up, work with writers, directors and producers that I really respect, and try to keep challenging myself and take myself out of my comfort zone. And maybe I’ll try CrossFit…at some juncture!



I’m really excited about The Forest, it’s a psychological horror that I think is a really interesting premise. That was great fun for me to be working with such an impressive group of people behind the camera. Interesting, I’m the first and second person on the call sheet because I play twins—identical twins—so it was kind of cool to play two people in one movie. It’s going to f-ing scary.

Patient Zero I’m excited about as well. It’s a really good action, dystopian movie. We had a lot of fun shooting that. First time I’ve shot at home in London for a long time, so it was really great to do that, in Shepperton, one of our main studios back in London.

The magazine will be on stands November 24.

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