Capitol Couture Final Issue Released: Ultima Volatus

Capitol Couture has released its final issue titled “Ultima Volatus”!  You can find the issue here and see a little sneak peek at the issue below!


What is next for the rebels? They are organizing. However they have one very real obstacle in their path. District 2 is home to the Capitol’s central military base (nicknamed the “Nut”) which has yet to be taken by them. Without control of this strategic stronghold, the rebellion is conceivably dead in the water. But given the sacrifices these individuals have made, stopping now is not an option. I have no doubt it will be taken.

Love her or despise her, Katniss Everdeen has become a force unto her own. We amplified her voice with microphones and television cameras, now her voice is carried by thousands of individuals looking for retribution. And they are coming for the Capitol. This is no idle threat, a new era has arrived. And amongst the rubble of the city we once held dear, the girl on fire will rise again.

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