Jennifer Lawrence on fame post-The Hunger Games phenomenon


The latest excerpt from Entertainment Weekly’s feature story on Mockingjay: Part 2 has Jennifer Lawrence discussing the cost of fame and adapting to the success of The Hunger Games franchise.

“The whole world starts looking at you differently,” she says of the almost overnight fame that came with playing Katniss. “I remember getting really emotional just trying to get a coffee because I felt everywhere I looked, everybody was reacting and it made me feel alienated. All of a sudden, I didn’t feel a part of humanity in this weird way.”

Lawrence credits her close group of friends with keeping her sane when the spotlight began to shine so bright on her after The Hunger Games opened in March 2012.

“I was living with my best friend and I surrounded myself with such a good group that were all, obviously, looking at me the same,” she added. “So in my intimate world, nothing changed.”

Read more here.

Check out new stills released by EW here. You can pick up the issue from stands now.

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