‘Hunger Games’ Funko Pop! Vinyls Revealed

Yesterday, we covered the coming of new Funko Pop! Hunger Games Vinyls.  Today, the Hunger Games Vinyls have been revealed!  You can view images of the vinyls below!

The vinyls are supposed to be in stores in the next two weeks, with the suggested retail price at $9.99.

Funko-The-Hunger-Games-1-09242015-615x463 Funko-The-Hunger-Games-2-09242015 Funko-The-Hunger-Games-3-09242015 Funko-The-Hunger-Games-4-09242015-615x462 Funko-The-Hunger-Games-5-09242015 Funko-The-Hunger-Games-6-09242015 Funko-The-Hunger-Games-7-09242015

Thanks to Nerdist for the info and pictures!

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