Jackie Emerson developing ‘Only Ever Yours’ adaptation with Killer Content

Jackie Emerson

The Hunger Games alum Jackie Emerson is working with Killer Content to develop Irish writer Lousie O’Neill’s YA dystopia novel, Only Ever Yours, for film amd TV.

From Variety:

Killer Content is working with the newly launched nonprofit Two Brass Brads to finance “Only Ever Yours.” Two Brass Brads is described as non-profit organization that creates “socially relevant” content that will be released in tandem with activist campaigns and educational efforts.

“’Only Ever Yours,’ while dystopian in genre, may be closer to today’s reality than adults recognize,” said Becker. “Today’s young people struggle to define themselves on their own terms under the harsh glare of the information age Klieg lights.”

Said Two Brass Brads executive director Rachel Gould: “There is the potential to build a powerful engagement and impact campaign around the release of the film that will ignite a conversation, call the audience to action and leave a lasting impression.”

Jackie noted that though the project is in “the early stages but it’s very exciting!” We’ve seen Jackie’s understanding of the underlying themes in dystopian stories with her interpretation of Foxface – and we’re sure the adaptation of a book as harrowing yet important is in great hands.

Have you read Only Ever Yours? Find it on Goodreads here.

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