Photos: Josh Hutcherson and Jena Malone on the set of 'The Rusted'

As we reported previouslyThe Hunger Games co-stars Josh Hutcherson and Jena Malone are working on a short thriller project, The Rusted, for Canon’s Project Imagination.

Production on the short has begun and lots of pictures of the actors are now online. Check them out in the gallery here.

Josh said of the project, “Being part of Canon’s Project Imagination and working with Ron (Howard), Kat (Candler) and now Jena have really allowed me to express my passion for storytelling. I’m excited to bring the vision to life as a producer on the project and acting opposite a dear friend.”

“When Josh presented me with the script, I thought it would be fun to do something different together like a psychological thriller and it’s hard to pass up a project with Ron Howard behind it,” said Jena. “I also love that the film is part of this very cool, creative experiment tapping into consumers to inspire and elevate our imaginations.”

Thanks for the tip, Josh Hutcherson Source!

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