Photos: Jennifer Lawrence & Josh Hutcherson attend 'Photographs From The Hunger Games' launch

While no cast members attended the first look event at The Hunger Games Exhibition in New York on Sunday, they were present at the book launch of Lionsgate exec Tim Palen’s book Photographs from The Hunger Games.

Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson, along with director Francis Lawrence, visited the Whitney Museum in New York City for the launch.

UPDATE Check out high quality pictures in the gallery here.


The book released in the US this morning.  It includes never-before seen pictures and stills from the movies, including an exclusive look at Mockingjay: Part 2.  It’s available via the Assouline website and Amazon. It will also be available at The Hunger Games Exhibition which opens for  public in New York on Wednesday, July 1.


2 thoughts on “Photos: Jennifer Lawrence & Josh Hutcherson attend 'Photographs From The Hunger Games' launch

  1. I was there on july first and there was supposed tio be cast members and a huge opening thing but none of that happened as it was listed online. If anyone else was upset about this please let me know what you were expecting too.


    1. the plans were scrapped earlier though, the cast attended an opening on sunday. It was disppointing but the exhibition ws worth it!


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