Stanley Tucci cast as Hook in ITV's Peter Pan drama


ITV’s new drama, Peter and Wendy, based on JM Barrie’s Peter Pan has found its Captain Hook. The Hunger Games actor Stanley Tucci will take on the role of the one-handed pirate, as well as the role of a surgeon. The re-imagined drama will be two-hour, and will cut between modern day and the fantasy land of Neverland.

From Guardian UK:

“The drama will retain the classic structure and content of JM Barrie’s original Peter Pan, while adding a new framing story designed to allow audiences a different way into the story.

“The modern framework makes funny and at times poignant connections with the original material, while allowing the film to make an affectionate nod towards the traditional theatrical device of actors doubling and even tripling in different roles.

“This device also establishes a connection with Great Ormond Street hospital, the world famous children’s hospital that has become irrevocably associated with Peter Pan.”

Peter and Wendy is currently in production with filming taking place over a six week period in Luxembourg, London and Dorset.

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