Photos & Video: Elizabeth Banks talks directing 'Pitch Perfect 2,' Effie Trinket & more

Elizabeth Banks is featured in the May 8 issue of The Hollywood Reporter as she turns from actress to director for Pitch Perfect 2.

Check out photos from the shoot in the gallery here.

Watch the behind-the-scenes interview with Elizabeth below:

In 2002, for instance, [Elizabeth] heard that director Gary Ross was making Seabiscuit. At the time, Banks, then 28, had only a few credits to her name (including a small part in Steven Spielberg‘sCatch Me If You Can). But she desperately wanted the female lead in the adaptation of Laura Hillenbrand‘s best-seller. Horse racing had been a passion of hers since childhood, when her dad would take her to the track. “She came in, auditioned, and I liked her very much,” recalls Ross, who initially was leaning toward a more recognizable name. But Banks turned all her powers of persuasion onto the director. “She sent me a letter,” he says. “She explained that she grew up around the racetrack, that it was part of her life.”

She ended up with the part. Eight years later, when she heard Ross would be directing the firstHunger Games film, she wrote to him again. “She wrote, ‘I really want to play Effie — I really think I can do this,’ ” he remembers. At that point, the director was uncertain about whom he wanted to hire, but he invited Banks to a meeting. After 20 minutes of polite conversation, Banks all but intimidated Ross into giving her the role. “She gave me this look, like, ‘Dude, are we going to dance here or are you giving me this part?’ ”

Says Banks: “Some big actresses told me a few things that inspired me. One said that the biggest challenge for a female actress was to make sure they are not pro­foundly bored. Another told me to just do whatever you want — do anything. And another told me that her quote hadn’t changed in 15 years. That really lit a fire under my ass.”

Read more here.

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