Lionsgate CMO's 'Tim Palen: Photographs From The Hunger Games' coming soon!

Lionsgate CMO, the brain behind the amazing marketing strategies for The Hunger Games, is soon coming out with a character portrait book for the franchise.

From his Instagram:

Tim Palen Assouline collabortaion book BTS

In exclusive collaboration with Lionsgate, Assouline presents Tim Palen: Photographs From The Hunger Games. Compiled in one deluxe volume, Palen’s portraits capture each character with striking intimacy and transform the high-octane adventure of the films into exquisite visual art. Through Palen’s unique lens, characters become icons, immortalized as the beloved characters the world has embraced.

We’re very excited to have a, what’s sure to be stunning, behind-the-scenes look at all the character portraits. Be on the look out for more details!

Thanks for the heads up, Panem Propaganda!

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