Ten reasons to love 'The Hunger Games'

With the recent release of the first part of Mockingjay we thought it would be a good idea to take a look back at this excellent series and come up with our top ten reasons as to why we love it so much.

mockingjay love

1:- Great Setting

Starting off strong is the setting which is interesting.  Where else are you going to find a story about a post-apocalyptic society that involves the poor being oppressed by the rich.

2:- The Bleakness Is the Best

Everyone loves a bit of sadness in their story and you can’t get any bleaker than seeing a world where 12 to 18 year olds have to fight to the death for the amusement of the rich just so they don’t starve.

3:- The Contrast of the Capitol

The opulent capitol is where your jaw drops as you learn about the almost gluttonous nature of the cities inhabitants who sate every fetish without a care. It’s a standout chapter in the story that really stands out and makes you want to see what other depraved depths these people can sink to.

4:- Katniss Is a Great Character

Katniss as a character is an endearing character that you immediately bond with when she volunteers herself to save her sister and you end up constantly rooting for.

5:- The Gladiator Style Popularity Contest

The games themselves create this two sided story where characters are both trying to survive and put on a morbid show for the audience in hopes of gaining an advantage.

It’s a great play up of the Gladiator movies and their shtick of ‘winning over the crowd’ to curry favour that might benefit you, in this case it’s supplies like medicine or food.

6:- Pick A Team, Peeta Or Gale?

With two strong male characters it may seem like Twilight all over again but there’s more to it as each character has actual depth to them rather than just being pretty faces.

Although if you’re new to the series do your research before you pick one, like how you would use Jackpotjanebingo.co.uk to learn more about gambling sites, just make sure you’re making an informed decision.

7:- You’ll Never Feel This Tense with Anything Else

Although we’ve played a few tense bingo games in the past nothing compares to the Hunger Games and why shouldn’t it be, it involves a literal death arena where anyone could die at any time.

8:- Nothing Is Out Of Bounds

The Hunger games covers a wide range of adult topics like romance, fights to the death, politics and relationships, which is what makes it so entertaining.

9:- President Snow Is Such an ‘Interesting’ Character

An unstoppable, all-powerful and insane dictator who Donald Sutherland nailed in his portrayal of, need we say anymore?

10:- It Made the Transition to Film Well

Quite often when a book story goes from book to film it flops hard, just look at the Golden Compass. But fortunately The Hunger Games managed the transition to movie without losing any major themes or facets of the story.

These are only our top ten reasons as to why we love this series, there’s plenty of other examples to use but our list would reach into the thousands if we tried to cover them.

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