Suzanne Collins makes Hollywood's 25 Most Powerful Authors list

For THR‘s Power Authors issue, they have compiled a list of 25 Most Powerful Authors in Hollywood right now. The Hunger Games trilogy author Suzanne Collins lands on #12.


Known For: The Hunger Games

Big Number: 65 million copies of the series in print

She’s the girl on fire: Collins brought Katniss Everdeen into the world with her Hunger Games trilogy, which has sold more than 65 million copies worldwide, then Lionsgate made Collins’ dystopian tale into one of the most successful YA adaptations of all time. The first Jennifer Lawrence star vehicle, which Collins, 52, co-wrote and executive produced, nabbed $691 million worldwide in 2012. The record-breaking sequel,Catching Fire, has the top opening for any November film, and went on to become the No. 1 film domestically of 2013. Together, the two films have earned a breathtaking $1.6 billion worldwide. Catching Fire/Mockingjay director FrancisLawrence calls Collins “an amazing collaborator” and the”anchor” of the film franchise. “If we would ever get off track from a character’s place in the story, Suzanne would be able to steer us back towards their frame of mind and describe how they would react.” The Sandy Hook, Conn., resident, who is married with two children, most recently wrote the semiautobiographical children’s book Year of the Jungle, about coping with having a father deployed to Vietnam during the war.

The list is led by JK Rowling, Stephen KingGeorge RR Martin. Also on the list are John GreenHilary Mantel, Diana GabaldonVeronica Roth among others.

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