Photos & Interview: Natalie Dormer talks 'Mockingjay: Part 1' and more with NY Post

NY Post’s Alexia’s latest fashion article features Natalie Dormer in a new photoshoot, and an accompanying interview. The outtakes from the shoot be seen in the gallery here.

Excerpts from the article can be read below:

On shaving her hair:

“It was liberating, actually,” Dormer says now. “It’s interesting how much we women perceive that our sense of attractiveness or physical allure is to do with our hair.” She laughs.

“Though it was chilly — there were too many polar vortexes this past winter for my liking. And it does feel peculiar when you lie on one side, then roll over.”

On playing ‘sexy women’:

“I have been blessed to play women who are sexually competent. They know how to use it,” Dormer says. “Margaery Tyrell is a Kate Middleton/Michelle Obama hybrid, a first lady/princess, trying to win over hearts and minds. The Princess Di effect, you may call it. And Anne Boleyn had to use the tools women had back then. So it will be interesting to see what people think of Cressida. She looks cool, but she’s not a woman who’s defined by a romance or a man.”

On the London marathon:

She ran the London marathon in April (that training helped her on “Mockingjay,” when she was “carrying a semiautomatic rifle, trying to keep up with the likes of Liam Hemsworth”), and hopes to do New York’s next year.

On Jennifer Lawrence:

“She’s everything that people perceive her to be — grounded, down to earth, with a buoyant energy and a fantastic sense of humor.”

Read the full feature here.



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