Review: Sam Claflin starrer "Love, Rosie" is a delight!

In September, our correspondent Mariyam attended a screening of Love, Rosie, starring Sam Claflin and Lily Collins.

Here’s the review of the epistolary love story’s big screen adaptation, out now in the UK:

In 2004, Cecilia Ahern published the best selling Where Rainbows End, a mere decade on the fantastic book has been brought to the world of film. It is an intriguing process bringing a book that is written in the form of letters to the big screen and when I heard it was being adapted, I was fascinated more than any other emotion to how, and if, they could pull it off but truly, the movie was a delight! What made the film so great was that it felt real, from the epic script, characters, but also to the way it was filmed, you were left experiencing aspects of Rosie’s life, only fast forwarded enough to keep you alongside the journey.


Lily Collins as Rosie was a perfect match, I have to admit when I heard she would be playing a character that ultimately becomes a mother; I couldn’t see it! But she showed how much her talent ranges as an actress, playing the young, rambunctious teenager, to a first time mother and then a strong willed, working woman! You willed her on in the moments that screamed ‘will they, won’t they?’ but you felt her pain as she lost her father and ultimately began a relationship with someone who wasn’t right for her. Of course unbeknown to her that first kiss she shared with Alex could have meant a different adventure. The genius that is Cecilia Ahern enables an audience to be drawn in to the idea of what if’s but ultimately that like Rosie, difficult times still allow for moments of wonder.    


“It was no ordinary friendship, we were inseparable; constantly being separated.”


The relationship between Lily Collins and Sam Claflin portrayed Rosie and Alex in a way that was always going to be difficult to represent, from the cute pose in the poster with Rosie holding onto Alex, to their ups and downs, the casting director should be over the moon! Both actors known from popular young adult film adaptations namely, The Mortal Instruments (Lily Collins) and The Hunger Games (Sam Claflin) worked fantastically to capture such a cute but complicated relationship. One scene that had emotional prowess was when Alex learns that he isn’t going to be a father and he’d decorated the room of his future baby, we were pulled in many directions during the film and this is what makes the film so great. 


“The condom came off in my vagina and at present I am unable to locate it.”

The movie manages to encompass comic genius with the relationships Rosie comes across, as well as some of the terrific one liners that left both me and my mum in fits of laughter. Christian Ditter was also able to show sensitivity in terms of life and death, mixed with romance, the film was enough to make hearts of all ages ache for the love of their life to also be their best friends. 

What did you think? Do you agree with our review?


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