Lionsgate launches official 'Mockingjay' app!

For over a day, we have been getting photo clues from District 13, with pictures of the Mockingjay symbol on various world sites. Complimentary to that, Lionsgate has now unveiled its official Our Leader The Mockingjay app, available on Android on iOS systems.

Mockingjay App

Download the District 13 Our Leader the Mockingjay app for direct access to District 13 communications. Use this app to show your support for the Mockingjay.

• Create digital Marks on real-world surfaces and pin them with your location
• Leave messages on Marks created by others.
• Earn points on Hunger Games Explorer
• Stay updated on announcements and ‘propos’ from District 13
• Access information about the film

The app promises “interactive experiences” as we move closer to the release date of November 21, 2014.

To download, head here for Android and here for iOS!


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