Lionsgate planning second Hunger Games bash at Cannes for 'Mockingjay: Part 1'

The Mockingjay: Part 1 posters have gone up at the Majestic Barriere hotel for Cannes and we now have the tag line for the movie confirmed. The french tag line reads “Feu de flammes d’autant plus vivement dans l’obscurité”, loosely translated to “Fire burns brighter in the dark.”

Hopefully, we’ll have the official English version out soon, now. In the meanwhile, check out the poster, courtesy @FiftyShadesEN, in the gallery here.

mockingjay part 1 poster at cannes 2014

Lionsgate co-chairmen Rob Friedman and Patrick Wachsberger talked to The Hollywood Reporter about Divergent, merging with Summit Entertainment and more. They even touch on a second Hunger Games bash planned at Cannes 2014, just like last year, for Mockingjay: Part 1.

For the second year in a row, you are planning to host a Hunger Games bash at Cannes. Why incur the big expense when Mockingjay: Part 1 isn’t actually playing at the festival?

FRIEDMAN: The good news is, everyone is in Europe already. We’re a worldwide company, and it’s a big opportunity for our international distributors to actually hear what the worldwide plans are for the film, which opens in November. Cannes is the best publicity opportunity from an international penetration perspective.

Read the full Q & A here.

However, no teaser trailer will be shown at Cannes, as was confirmed by the studio previously.


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