Thousands line up for 'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay' extras casting in Berlin

Thousands of people lined up for the huge casting call that went out in Berlin for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 on Saturday. The Berlin Morgenpost reported that the crowd for extras included more than 3500 people, with more still queuing up outside the theater.



The human chain, hundreds of meters long, snakes down the street to the Delphi Film Theatre. People of all colors: blond, dark, light-skinned, Asian, dark-skinned, tall, short. They all hope to be part of a major Hollywood production.

The Berlin-based agency “Film Faces” is doing the extras casting. The first to arrive came two hours before admission. Twin brothers Burkhard and Stefan Klimek have been in line longer, “For the past eight hours we’ve been here”, says Burkhard, “but it’s still fun. The weather is beautiful, the people are nice.”

The 49-year-olds have acting experience. What are their chances of success? “Well, we have the twin advantage,” they say at the same time and have to laugh. 

The agency had sent out the first casting call for gaunt Mediterranean or Asian-looking men with eccentric, character faces and tattoos. The twins have long black hair and easygoing faces.

Shortly before 10:00 am it begins. Agency head Johanna Ragwitz starts the process. “And nobody has to sing and dance,” she calls out to the crowd, which now pushes into the cinema. Fill in the application form, take a photo, and you’re done. “Is Dieter here?”, calls a young man. “No, and Heidi’s not here either” answers Ragwitz.

They’re referring to Dieter Bohlen, the judge of StarSearch Germany and Model-mom Heidi Klum. Inside there is the registration list. Categories on the list: eye color, hair color, hair length. “Hair length” asks Stefan Klimek. “Maybe one meter,” his brother comes to the rescue. The dress size question triggers a frown and shrug.

Actually, the movie they’re casting is not official yet. The rumor has spread anyway. It is said to be Mockingjay Parts 1 & 2, the third and fourth “Hunger Games” films. Actress Jennifer Lawrence announced at the premiere of Catching Fire that they’d be shooting in Berlin soon.

However, the casting Agency and Studio Babelsberg in Potsdam remain silent on what film is actually being cast. Also, access to the movie theater, where the candidates are getting photographed, remains restricted only to those applying. Actually, the agency allowed access at first, but shortly thereafter restricted access.

Shortly after 11:00am, police estimate that 3,500 people have already been funneled through the cinema.

A big thank you to Panem Propaganda for the translation!

Even though the article states it’s not ‘official’ yet, we can more than assume it is Mockingjay, given the crew left Atlanta a few days ago. Also, we think the three-fingers salute is kind of a giveaway.

Watch a video from the casting call below:

The original casting call stated a requirement of at least a thousand extras, with “character” faces, and various ethnic groups, including African, Asians, south Europeans and Middle-Eastern as well as African-Americans. Those picked up for filming will be required 1-3 days of work. 



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