Video: Sam Claflin attends 'Catching Fire' fan screening by Digital Spy

sam claflin finnick odair quarter quell poster

Digital Spy hosted a special fan screening of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire yesterday at the SoHo in London, with Sam Claflin as the special guest.

Before the screening, Sam participated in a Q&A session, videos and highlights of which are now available:

1. Sam has been part of both the Pirates of the Caribbean and Snow White franchises, but The Hunger Games is by far the biggest…
“For me The Hunger Games takes the biscuit – it’s such an amazing experience, great working with the guys and you know it’s a big happy family. We all have fun on set as much as we all work very, very hard and we all get on like a house on fire. You can’t ask for anything more when you’re working on a job like that.”

2. Sam originally didn’t realise that Hunger Games was a trilogy, but quickly became a fan…
“I typed ‘Finnick Odair’ into the internet and all these fan-drawn cartoons [came up] and I was like, ‘Why am I auditioning for this guy?’ He is tall, blond, handsome, with a six-pack and green eyes, and he’s tanned, and I was none of those things. I read the books in five days and the moment I knew I had this audition I loved every second of it.”

3. Getting ready to play Finnick was a testing experience…
“There were a lot of tanning beds, I was in the hairdresser’s a lot, and a lot of time – too much time in fact, I think – in the gym and eating the right foods. I mean it was a very, very lonely and depressing time for me, I’m sure. I hope people appreciate the outcome, but yeah, it was very, very tough and I never want to do that again.”

4. In a hair-raising moment, Sam fell into the cornucopia water with Lynn Cohen on his back…
“I felt so bad, basically, the water we shot in was so beyond freezing. It was very, very difficult and she was advised not to get in the water because her blood pressure got so high and I’d never picked her up before. We were told to run off the spokes of this cornucopia and I picked her up: take one – we ran, we ran, we ran, my knee, or my foot, just decided to slip, my knee hit the rocks and we just started to tumble. I was like, ‘Oh god, let go, let go, I don’t want to be responsible for killing you’. She was fine, she actually found it very funny, I was the one panicking thinking I’d done some serious damage, but no, it was all very fun.”

5. The biggest joker on set was…
“I’d say probably Josh, he had this bottle of, the best way to describe it is as skunk poo, not actual skunk poo, but it stank and he rifled through my trailer and decided to put it on a tissue and put it in my trash and the moment I walked into my trailer I’m like, ‘Oh my god, someone’s been very busy in the toilets!’ I couldn’t work out what it was. Eventually I found out that Josh had been going around with it, the same smell on the end of sticks, and just rubbing it on people’s backs. It got out of hand, we’re still not talking! No, but I think like I said we all had our moments.”

6. Does Jennifer Lawrence fall over on set as much as she does on the red carpet?
“Between me and Jennifer there should be a whole section of the DVD extras basically that is dedicated to her and me falling over. I’d be standing still on that cornucopia and manage to trip up – I still to this day have no idea how – but equally when we were running through the jungle she managed to take a few tumbles and hit her head.

“She hit herself in the head with the bow or hit somebody in the head with the bow, but also my trident, trying to manoeuvre through those deadly jungle terrains with a trident and with an old lady on my back, the amount of times I got my trident caught in big trees and was pulling trees down. I could see Jen and Josh sprinting ahead of me, and I was like, ‘I’ve got to catch up, got to catch up’ and I had Lynn on my back going, ‘whahahahahahaha’ – you know it was very tough but the two, well the three of us survived somehow.”

7. He didn’t get to keep his arena outfit, but he’s chasing after another prop…
“No, and no. I mean as comfortable as they may look they really aren’t. And the boots that we were wearing, they allowed a lot of sand to seep in, so I mean anyone who has been to the beach, you get sand in your shoes – it’s like the worst feeling in the world.

“But I think we all loved those outfits to begin with because they were so stretchy and they were so kind of giving and I didn’t rip them which is something very rare for me. By the end of it we’d all had enough, but I didn’t get to keep any and I definitely am not the sort of person to wear something like that to gym, I think I’d get some very weird looks!

“The trident? I’m praying and hoping I do get to keep one. Yeah, I’m chasing after it.”

Read more here.


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