Nina Jacobson tweets about "spectacular collaboration" on Tigris's shop in 'Mockingjay'

The Hunger Games producer Nina Jacobson took to her Twitter account to let us all know that Tigris’s shop in Mockingjay looks “cooler” than she imagined. Check out the tweets below:

Here’s when we first meet Tigris, who is an ex-Hunger Games stylist and a trustworthy of Plutarch Heavensbee, in the final book:

Behind the counter sits the strangest person I’ve ever seen. She’s an extreme example of surgical enhancement gone wrong, for surely not even in the Capitol could they find this face attractive. The skin has been pulled back tightly and tattooed with black and gold stripes. The nose has been flattened until it barely exists. I’ve seen cat whiskers on people in the Capitol before, but none so long. The result is a grotesque, semi-feline mask, which now squints at us distrustfully.

If you’re not following Nina on Twitter yet, we definitely recommend doing so ASAP for more tid-bits from the filming!

We’re still waiting for Lionsgate’s announcement on who’s playing Tigris in the movies. Any guesses?

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