Our 13 favorite 'The Hunger Games' moments from 2013

2013 has been a great year for The Hunger Games fandom, from Jennifer Lawrence winning an Oscar for Best Actress (she’s our Katniss, this is totally our moment!) to the amazing success of Catching Fire.

We look back at some of our favorite moments related to the franchise.

13. The gorgeous Mockingjay in Catching Fire OST ‘Atlas’


12. Catching Fire promotion, and especially this set of Quarter Quell posters featuring all the major Tributes


11. Jennifer Lawrence receives her first Academy Award [and stuff happened.]


10. New Mockingjay pin (and a bunch of new merchandise!) for Catching Fire

mockingjay pin catching fire

09. Peeta Mellark crowned the ultimate Tribute in Hunger Games Network‘s Characters March Madness 2013


08. This adorable picture of Annie Cresta actress Stef Dawson with author Suzanne Collins

Suzanne Collins and Stef Dawson Mockingjay Annie Cresta

07. Liam Hemsworth introduces the teaser trailer for Catching Fire



06. Mockingjay casting begins, WE GET GAME OF THRONES‘S NATALIE DORMER


05. The Hunger Games OST Safe and Sound wins GRAMMY


04. Robert Knepper cast as a NEW character in Mockingjay [we’re thinking Capitol scenes. the scary ones.]

Robert Knepper Antonius Mockingjay

03. The level of adorable that are Sam Claflin and Jena Malone


02. First look at Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth as Katniss and Gale on the set of Mockingkjay


01. Catching Fire releases to immediate success, with critics and fans alike LOVING it!


The year was so full of The Hunger Games, that we know there are a lot of other moments we missed. Tell us what your favorite THG-related moment was!

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