Photos & Videos: Liam Hemsworth and Francis Lawrence at Knoxville #CatchingFire screening

On Tuesday, November 19, I got the chance to attend the Knoxville, Tennessee Screening for the Tennessee Chapter for Variety Children’s Charity.  Regal Entertainment rolled out the red carpet for Francis Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth.

I attended the screening as press.  There were a ton of fans waiting outside the theater to just get a glimpse of Liam and Francis.  Before the event began, I talked to a few of them, asking them what they thought about the movie.  You can watch that video below.

After talking to the fans, I found my place on the press line.  While there, I met a bunch of other representatives from other Hunger Games Fansites!  We all had a blast!  When it was time for the red carpet, Francis Lawrence was the first to arrive, heading to the press line to give interviews.

My interview starts at the 5:27 mark. You can watch the entire video, thanks to HG Fireside Chat’s reps, below:

See More Photos of the Event in the Gallery Here

056 Liam

Then, Liam Hemsworth arrived and headed straight for the fans, to say hello and sign autographs.  After that, he made his way to the press line, but was quickly summoned away.

See More Photos of the Event in the Gallery Here

Next, the press was led into the theater, where there was a stage set up to present Liam and Francis each with their name on a piece of concrete, that will later be put in the ground outside the theater.  Liam and Francis both said a few words of thanks before leaving.  You can watch a video of this below.

Finally, we were all led into a theater, where we would get to see Catching Fire in IMAX. The review of the movie is up here (with a chance to win a Mockingjay pin!).

The screening, as we have mentioned over the past few weeks, was for Regal Entertainment Group’s annual Variety — The Children’s Charity of Eastern Tennessee benefit. Variety – The Children’s Charity is a philanthropic organization that works to improve the lives of children in East Tennessee and around the world. Over the years, the annual Regal event has generated more than $5 million in charitable donations for East Tennessee.

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