Master Post: 'The Hunger Games: #CatchingFire' LA premiere

The star-studded US premiere of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire in Los Angeles took place today evening, November 18. As we speak the first screening of the movie in the States is going on.

Couldn’t be there? Don’t worry! We bring you photos and videos with the cast and crew straight from the red carpet:

View all Photos from this Event in our Gallery Here.


Sam Claflin calls the cast his ‘Stateside Family’

Josh Hutcherson can’t stop saying ‘Peeniss’:

Elizabeth Banks lists her restrictions while wearing Effie wardrobe:

Lenny Kravitz calls Jennifer Lawrence a part of his family:

Francis Lawrence breaks down pivotal scenes:

Stef Dawson (yes, she was there!) discusses Annie Cresta in Mockingjay:

Jena Malone talks comforting passionate fans:

Trish Summerville details Katniss and Peeta’s wardrobe:

Alan Ritchson talks the “surreal” experience:

Stephanie Leigh Schlund talks life on set:

Willow Shields on the contagious laughter on-set:


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