Photos & Video: 'Catching Fire' cast in Philadelphia for Victory Tour

The first of the Victory Tour wrapped up in Philadelphia’s Cherry Hill Mall yesterday. In attendance were several members of the Catching Fire cast – Sam Claflin, Jena Malone, Jeffrey Wright, Meta Golding and Bruno Gunn.

Pictures of the tour can be seen in the gallery here.


The cast also took part in a Q&A, highlights of which can be read below, courtesy @DWTC:

  • Meta Golding says her training regimen included 4-5 hours of personal training and mixed martial arts, she threw up on her second day
  • Meta’s favorite character, apart from Enobaria, is Katniss
  • Meta likes her sharpened teeth
  • Jena Malone spent a lot of time chopping with an axe
  • Jena proclaims to be the biggest fan among the actors, she read all three books in 48 hours
  • Jeffrey Wright‘s favorite character is Peeta
  • Jeffrey likes being part of the solution to a corrupt government, which is something he feels people can relate to
  • Sam Claflin says he relates to Finnick’s insecurities hidden under a charming persona
  • Sam is enjoying the experience of working with this amazing cast

[UPDATE] A full video of the 20-minute Q&A session is now available online. Watch it below:

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