People magzine's 'Catching Fire' collector's special hits newsstands on November 1


The Catching Fire collector’s edition issue of People magazine will hit stands tomorrow, November 1 and will be available until BNovember 29. As we told you previously, the issue will include 158 photos, exclusive interviews with the cast and crew and lots more.

We now have a list of the highlights from the issue:

MEET A REAL KATNISS:  Parents Scott and Christel Koedel, who live in Ocean Ridge, Florida, named their firstborn daughter Katniss after the Catching Fire heroine.  “I read The Hunger Games – and loved Katniss – early on when it was an unknown teen-lit series,” Christel, 35, tells PEOPLE.  (Her husband, Scott, 37, knew nothing about the District 12 characters.)  “I didn’t read the books until our daughter was 6 months old, but I knew why Christel chose the name; Katniss is very grounded,” says Scott, who works in business restructuring.  What qualities does their little heroine share with the literary one?  “She’s very protective of her younger sister, (Kaia, 1)” says Christel. Still, jokes Scott, “our Katniss is far more expressive of her emotions – but maybe Katniss Everdeen wasn’t so stoic at age 2 years old either!”  Currently pregnant with baby No. 3, Christel’s unsure about using another Games name but admits, “I do like Gale.  It’s a good strong name.”

MEET A REAL FINNICK:  Couple Kelsey and Trey Boggs of Bethlehem, Georgia named their “adventurous and independent” 16-month-old son Finnick after the hunky boy from District 4.  They scoured baby books for Irish names and found one that matched a character from their favorite book series.  “I’m a closet nerd,” Trey, 26, who works in law enforcement, tells PEOPLE.  “No one expects a cop to like The Hunger Games!”  Turns out the name fit their baby perfectly.  “He always wants to go explore,” says Kelsey, 24, a wedding director.  “He’s fearless,” adds Trey.  “He jumps right into the lake and never looks back.”  And just like his counterpart, baby Finn is flirty.  Says Trey:  “He’ll play shy for two seconds, but as soon as he reels you in, he’s blowing kisses.”

PEETA MELLARK & GALE HAWTHORNE:  Josh Hutcherson, 20, dishes about getting in shape for the arena and romancing Jennifer Lawrenceon screen.  Josh says he would offset long hours in the gym with the occasional pizza or cheeseburger.  “I wasn’t quite doing the Hugh Jackman diet,” he jokes.  Plus, how Liam Hemsworth, 23, is trying to navigate Hollywood, lower his public profile, and block out all the gossip.

FINNICK ODAIR:  Meet Sam Claflin, 27, the sexiest new member of the Catching Fire team. “Getting paid to get in shape and make my wife happy?  I couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity,” Claflin tells PEOPLE

GOOD & EVIL:  Lenny Kravitz and Donald Sutherland talk to PEOPLE about their iconic roles.  “We’re like family,” Kravitz says, referring to Jennifer Lawrence.  “She’s so close with my daughter Zoe…and I love her as a person.”

GET KATNISS’ LOOK & PRIM’S BRAID:  How to get Katniss’ low-key style, plus tips from a celebrity hair stylist.

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