'Catching Fire' stars talk The Hunger Games, their characters, filming and memories from set with EW

Digital scans from Entertainment Weekly‘s amazing cover story on Catching Fire have hit the web. Confirming that the latest Finnick and Mags still from the movie is in the issue, the article includes an in-depth interview with Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Sam Claflin, Jena Malone, director Francis Lawrence and producer Nina Jacobson while filming was going on in Hawaii.

The cast talks about filming, of course, but also ventures into some of what’s to come next as they briefly dicuss Mockingjay casting, especially Julianne Moore. Check out the scans in the gallery here.



When we first meet Johanna Mason, a ferocious, ax-wielding victor from District 7, it’s on an elevator with Haymitch, Katniss and Peeta. She stares down the trio and proceeds to strip naked. “It’s one of the best introductions to a character ever,” says the 28-year-old actress Jena Malone (Donnie Darko). “I had to learn how to do a striptease in four seconds.”
For Malone, Johanna defies expectations for women in genre films. “She’s not just another badass sexy female,” she says. “Her sexuality is a weapon. Her humor is a weapon. They’re part of her process of coping with the fact that she killed all her friends in her own Hunger Games.” Malone can’t shake one particular scene in which her entire body is drenched in blood. “I felt like this gladiator,” she says “The cameras would cut and I would still have this crazy energy surging through me. Johanna took over.”

EW: Do any of you have a favorite memory from making the sequel?
Jennifer: I know it exactly. In Hawaii one night, we were having a party at Josh’s house and we all held hands and ran into the ocean. We would run as fast as we could into the water and we’d keep running until we fell,  but we were all scared because we didn’t know where the reef was because it was dark
Jacobson: And you should understand that this is a group of people that includes everybody. It’s the rare set that doesn’t have any hierarchy.
Jennifer: We all-from the producers to the [production assistants]-genuinely know each other and love each other.
Hutcherson: Yeah, on some sets-
Jennifer: Well, why do you think I’m so upset that it’s ending?
Hutcherson: I was going to say-
Jennifer: You’re not acting upset.
Hutcherson: I was going to say [picks up chopsticks and pretends to stab her]… I was going to say that I don’t expect to ever experience the closeness I feel with these people on any other ever.

EW: Jen, what was your hardest day on Catching Fire?
Jennifer: The one I was dreading to shoot was probably Katniss’s night terrors. I was so afraid of that scene I showed up to set early.
Hutcherson: And then the moment afterwards we were like, “That was fantastic, are you kidding me?!”
Francis: She did on one take.
Jennifer: But don’t you find that that’s a part of it? If I’m not scared to do something, then I’m bored.
Francis: Really? Gauntlet thrown down. [Movies] three and four await!

Read the rest here.

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