Photos: Jennifer Lawrence's photoshoot from Harper's Bazaar UK

As we reported previously, Jennifer Lawrence is the cover story for the November issue of Harper’s Bazaar UK. The issue will have two covers, and today we have the second one featuring Jennifer, photographed by Ben Hassett available to us, along with new photos from the shoot.

Check them out in the gallery here.

Interviewed ahead of her starring role in the Hunger Games, out next month, Lawrence is one of the most independent spirits in Hollywood today. Not only is she unashamedly herself (giving the press room the finger when collecting her Oscar for Silver Linings Playbook), she’s also compulsively honest and funny, according to Bazaar’s interviewer, Tom Shone. “When I ask her what she most likes about her her life, she doesn’t miss a beat,” he writes.  “‘The money,’ she says.” As if proof of her refusal to conform to Hollywood norms, she cheerfully lambasts starvation diets and says that before each take on a film, she is most likely found eating chips.


Images courtesy JLawrenceBrasil


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