Lenny Kravitz talks being recognized for The Hunger Games, coming back for Catching Fire and more


In a new interview with Moviefone for the promotion of his movie Butler, Lenny Kravitz discussed acting, being recognized by younger kids for his role of Cinna in The Hunger Games, coming back for Catching Fire and lots more. Check out excerpts below:

I was at the “Catching Fire” panel at Comic-Con this year, where you brought up something really interesting: that younger kids are now recognizing you as Lenny Kravitz the actor and not Lenny Kravitz the musician.
Yeah, it first started on a street in Paris. This little kid came up to me and said “Oh, Lenny. Oh, my god! I love your work.” I am thinking, You’re seven. I was like, “Oh, really, you have the records?” And he said, “No, ‘Hunger Games.'” I have been getting more of that. A guy came up to my table recently and said, “My daughter would really like a picture with you.” Over walks a nine-year-old who has no idea.

That has to be a bit strange, because for years you’ve been recognized as a musician.
Well, what’s cool is they’re now getting turned on to the music.

So are you finding time to record music, too?
I just finished an album while I was doing “Catching Fire” — I had no plan to do this; I was in Atlanta and I like to work in my own studio — I went in the studio and ended up recording an album at night. So I would be filming “Catching Fire” all day, go to the studio, work all night, either get no sleep or get an hour or two, and then go right back to work. I did that for, like, three weeks.

Did you have more confidence going into “Catching Fire,” since this was your second “Hunger Games”?
Well, it was really fun. It was like going back to summer camp a second year and seeing all your friends again. The cast, we really have a great chemistry together — we really dig each other. We have a new director, Francis Lawrence, so there’s an unknown there. But from the first day, it was great. He took charge and was wonderful to work with. We had a lot of fun, as we did on the first one. I am looking forward to seeing it myself.

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