Capitol Couture introduces two new Capitol Ads including one for Cinna's “L’essence d’un Champion”

Continuing with their campaign ads, like they did for The Hunger Games‘s release featuring Cinna, Caesar Flickerman and Seneca Crane, Capitol Couture has released two new Capitol ads for Catching Fire – one a futuristic eye-wear and a perfume by Cinna.

Check out pictures in the gallery here.

cinna-capitolcouture-001 cinna-capitolcouture-002

This afternoon, uber-stylist Cinna debuts his eponymous fragrance with stunning billboards throughout the city and misters releasing wafts of CINNA. It’s a follow up to last year’s launch of his signature Liquid Skyliner, which sold out citywide in two hours.

“The scent speaks for itself,” Cinna says of the fragrance. The ultra-cool and laconic stylist gave Capitol Couture an exclusive first whiff. CINNA is boldly feminine, with notes of fresh violet, grey vetiver and bergamot underscored by mandarin. But the fragrance—which comes in a chic crystal flacon—alters its chemistry depending upon its exposure to natural light.  At nightfall, the scent deepens with flourishes of sultry black orchid and smoky tobacco.

Of course, everyone wants to know the story behind the exquisite model seen in the ads for CINNA. “I picked her out of a crowd in the Capitol because of her spirit and natural beauty,” he says. “There are always champions among us.”

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