Leven Rambin talks auditioning for The Hunger Games, her role in Percy Jackson and more

Actress Leven Rambin is featured in Vanity Fair’s Hollywood Spotlight. The Gimmer actress talks her role of Clarisse La Rue in Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, disucsses the auditioning process for The Hunger Games briefly and also a bit about being from Texas.


On Hunger Games:

Her next break was to be cast in Hunger Games (2012). She played Glimmer, the beautiful and resilient tribute from District One, who is stung to death by bees. “I remember being extra nervous at the audition. I thought I was never going to get it, so I just kind of went all out—just to be able to say that I did—and somehow I got it!”

On Percy Jackson:

A natural blonde, the actress had to go brunette to portray Clarisse La Rue, the daughter of Ares, the god of war. “I got to be something completely different than myself in this fantastical world,” she says. “My character is a tough warrior, a really mean chick, who doesn’t take crap from anyone, and who can’t see that she is ever wrong or that she is ever being mean.”

On growing up in Texas:

She says she will always carry some rugged Texas traits, and she happily embraces them. “We do not have the Southern-belle quality people assume about us. We actually grow up strong and independent, fighting for what we want.”

Read the full feature here.

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