Our Top 5 Moments from the new #CatchingFireTrailer. What are yours?

The new theatrical trailer for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire debuted yesterday, July 20, at the San Diego Comic Con. Full of notched up visual effects, and lots of new footage the trailer won over everyone. While it’s terribly difficult to narrow down on favorite moments from the trailer, here’s our list of the Top 5 encompassing all the different scenes.

5. Prim Everdeen Talks ‘Hope’

In a foreboding manner, Katniss’s little sister who’s matured beyond her years says that things are different now. Because of ‘hope’. In one of the additional scenes in The Hunger Games, where President Snow and Head Gamemaker Seneca Crane are talking, he mocks the concept of hope. But little Prim probably understands the power of hope better than the tyrant.

4. Our First Glimpse of Other Victors:

Shirtless Finnick? Check! Enobaria’s teeth? Check! We get our first in-action glimpse at the other Tributes, or Victors, who as Haymitch reminds Katniss and Peeta are “experienced killers”. We see Gloss and Johanna Mason, all ready to chop the other Tributes off right away and we know Haymitch is right. These are no ordinary Games.

3. District 12 Reaping

That, ladies and gentlemen, is Effie Trinket almost on the verge of tears, as Katniss Everdeen stands there, tears sliding down her face already. Effie Trinket, all Capitol-bred, for the first time had Victors from her given District. She, obviously, must have grown attached to Katniss and Peeta. Before this, she didn’t know what it would be like to have loved ones be thrown in a Game of death. Hopefully, we get to see additional scenes with Effie in the movie and how she comes to terms with realizing the Capitol isn’t all she’s been brainwashed into thinking it is.

2. Our First Glimpse of the Arena

“This is no place for a girl on fire.” The Arena this year is ridiculously different, and to Katniss Everdeen’s disadvantage. Here’s a first glimpse, and we can’t wait to see the Games play out as in the books. If you notice, Katniss is teary in this scene too – book readers should know why!

1. Katniss Everdeen’s Mockingjay Dress

If you thought the Girl on Fire had gone all out during the last year’s Interviews, you’re in for a surprise. The transformation of Katniss’s President Snow-approved dress into a Mockingjay looks stunning, and we can’t wait for the whole scene to play up. As always, Caesar Flickerman is a delight to watch. We might throw in the Tributes Parade dress, as well, here. Brilliant, brilliant effects!


Watch it here again and tell us what you liked best about it!


All the GIFs have been taken from Tumblr and belong to there respective owners.

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